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Cabela's Dangerous Adventures (Xbox 360)

Cabela's Dangerous Adventures (Xbox 360)

Flint Abrahams is on a mission. It's your job to see him through it in Dangerous Hunts 2009. Flint's friend and mentor was killed by a vicious bear, so he must increase his hunting skills to find the bear and take it down. This game has a variety of hunting scenarios with up-close encounters and a variety of dangerous game. Lions, Cape buffalo, leopards and grizzly bears are just a few of ferocious animals. You'll find yourself in ~think fast~ situations where animals charge, forcing you to take the most accurate shot possible! You must watch out for avalanches, wildebeest stampedes, plane crashes and even piranha. Action Zone mode gives you special power-ups like X-Ray vision, infrared and bullet time. Choose from nine rifles, three handguns, two knives and one bow for your hunt. You'll hunt in nine regions including the African savannah, South American jungle, Russian tundra and more.