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1080 Avalanche (Nintendo Gamecube)

1080 Avalanche (Nintendo Gamecube)

The original 1080? Snowboarding, created the genre with amazing visualsand spot-on controls. Crystal Lake, Golden Forest, Deadly Fall and otherslopes offered everything a boarder could want, from cool tricks to a perfectspeed rush. It's wintertime again and the snow's never looked so good! AkariHayami and Ricky Winterborn have rounded up an all new cast of charactersto head back to the slopes for some high-speed competition.
Race through realistic natural environments, complete with powder drifts, icepatches and groomed hardpack ... but don't get comfortable. You will have tocontend with massive avalanches, rockslides, cave-ins, bridge collapses andenvironments teeming with wildlife and other skiers.